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Yoda's Blog

Fire & Light Glass

Fire & Light hand-poured colored glass tableware has a way of drawing the eye, enchanting the viewer with the unique play of light that filters through its rich spectrum of colors and textures.

In 1995, Fire & Light formed as a partnership between the Arcata Community Recycling Center in Humboldt County, California, and a group of local investors who wanted to develop an innovative plan for using crushed, recycled glass. The founders decided to turn their recycled glass into a raw material, manufacturing distinctive products for sale in and out of the immediate area. The group decided upon a distinctive line of colored glass dinnerware which would be created by melting crushed glass in furnaces, adding pigment, and pressing the molten glass into bowls, plates, and glasses.

Fire & Light colored glassware is a product whose history is a kind of future, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturing, utilizing post consumer glass as a resource. But it’s the beauty that will get you, the twinkle of light on the surface of a watery blue bowl, and the knowledge that the artists get as much happiness out of making the colored glass bowl as you will from having it on your table.

At Eco Galleria, we stock many pieces of Fire & Light giftware and tableware and custom order the dinnerware. We always have a sampling of the colors in stock.

Posted by Kathryn Longo on November 25, 2008.


  • Great ideas, sound message, and ultimately what appear to be truly beautiful products… How expensive are they? I get concerned when price is not mentioned at all…

    Posted by Loren on May 31, 2009
  • Hi Kathryn – It was good to see you today. I was wondering about the pricing about the Fire and Light things- they are beautiful.
    See you soon
    Abbe and Dara

    Posted by Abbe Rosner on December 07, 2008
  • This website is terrific and very interesting

    Posted by Anita on December 01, 2008

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