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Yoda's Blog

Countdown to Christmas


This is Yoda again (Kathryn’s cat).

Welcome to our new online store! I will keep you updated on new merchandise. I have been checking out all the inventory that has been arriving for the holidays – I try to check every box myself – I love boxes!

From the “O” List (Oprah that is), we have more of “Jonathan’s Original Lazy Spoons” as well as Bonjour Fleurette luggage tags and personalized soaps that Oprah loves.

New jewelry has arrived from Far Fetched, Smart Glass, Extasia, Holly Yashi, Island Cowgirl, Q3 Art, and Chan Luu. We have new watches from Watchcraft and lots of great recycled things.

Please shop online but if you don’t see it in our online store, just email us at I won’t get back to you, but Kathryn will

Countdown to the holidays! Let the shopping begin!!


Posted by Kathryn Longo on December 02, 2008.


  • Hi Yoda!

    Love the new website!Great to see all the fabulous new goodies that Kathryn has available. I’ll be calling soon for some last minute shopping advice. Keep checking out those boxes!


    Posted by Darralyn Rieth on December 05, 2008

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