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Yoda's Blog

I Love You Monster Trunk Show at Eco Galleria at the Train Station Saturday July 13th

It is Summer and we have resumed our outdoor  Trunk Shows at the Station featuring local artists.

On Saturday, July 13th,  we are pleased to have the return of Antarctica Black and her I Love You Monsters.  If you missed her show last year she is an artist from Washington Township with a special story.  It goes something like this...

One day, Antarctica Black decided she needed to give her parents something special. Like REALLY special. She was in her 4th year away at college and thought, "hmmm...I should give my parents something they can hug so maybe they won't miss me so much," and to her sewing machine she went! Out came two monsters, Mama's Boy and Chest-Bump. "How can I make sure my parents really know I love them?" Antarctica asked herself and then, "Pouf!" "I'll let the monsters do ALL the talking!"

Now, if you like that story, great. It's not true. These monsters were stowaways on Antarctica's spaceship. AND there were only a few at first, but you know how monsters can get a little frisky! (especially those "I love you too buddies"!) Anyway, they arrived peacefully and FULL OF LOVE and they just can't wait to share it with you! 

So, we invite you to join us on July 13th to meet this wonderful young woman and her Monsters and take some home with you to say I love you to someone special in your life.

We hope to see you here at the train station!  Support these great local artists who live and work in our community.

Kathryn (and Yoda who has his own Monster!) 

Posted by Kathryn Longo on July 06, 2013.


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