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Yoda's Blog

Fire & Light Glass - for the bride who wants something different...

Something for the eco-conscious bride, Fire & Light hand-poured colored glass tableware has a way of drawing the eye, enchanting the viewer with the unique play of light that filters through its rich spectrum of colors and textures.

In 1995, Fire & Light formed as a partnership between the Arcata Community Recycling Center in Humboldt County, California, and a group of local investors who wanted to develop an innovative plan for using crushed, recycled glass. The founders decided to turn their recycled glass into a raw material, manufacturing distinctive products for sale in and out of the immediate area. The group decided upon a distinctive line of colored glass dinnerware which would be created by melting crushed glass in furnaces, adding pigment, and pressing the molten glass into bowls, plates, and glasses.

Fire & Light colored glassware is a product whose history is a kind of future, where age-old craftsmanship meets innovative manufacturing, utilizing post consumer glass as a resource. But it’s the beauty that will get you, the twinkle of light on the surface of a watery blue bowl, and the knowledge that the artists get as much happiness out of making the colored glass bowl as you will from having it on your table.

At Eco Galleria, we stock many pieces of Fire & Light giftware and tableware and custom order the dinnerware. We always have a sampling of the colors in the store.

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Posted by Kathryn Longo on May 31, 2009. Continue Reading

Wedding Season is upon us...

It’s wedding season, and there are so many details to be handled before wedding day. I can make your life easier by working with you to select jewelry for your bridal party, gifts for your wedding guests and more.

Make your rehearsal dinner memorable by having our guest book platter ready for everyone to sign with their wishes. Our artist renders the platter with your last name initial and then your first names and the wedding date around the edge of your initial. The platter includes a special permanent pen for guests to use and then you just bake the plate in your oven afterwards and it sets the writing. What a nice commemoration of your special day …

Another way to commemorate your special day is our stained glass memory box. Send us your invitation and we will color coordinate the glass with your invitation colors. Your invitation is permanently enclosed in glass as the cover of this keepsake box. Check out our website for sample photos.

Need special gifts for your bridal party? I can work with you to find the perfect gift for each person – no cookie cutter run of the mill gift but something special that shows you gave it some thought.

Give me a call,
ecogal – the Gift Guru

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Posted by Kathryn Longo on May 31, 2009. Continue Reading

Make Gift Giving Thoughtful

I have always loved to give (and receive) gifts but specifically to give gifts that are reflective of the recipient and their interests. For many years, in my prior career, I did quite a bit of business traveling. When visiting other cities, I was under-whelmed by the sameness in malls from city to city. There were the same chain stores with the same merchandise and nothing different. Most of the merchandise was imported with less and less being made in the USA.

So, I always sought out the small independent boutique that had the rare find and supported US artists. I usually had my holiday shopping done way before the holidays because I would find the perfect gifts for friends in my travels – gifts that were thoughtful and reflective of each friend’s personality. As gifts were presented and opened, it was gratifying to see the enjoyment that they brought because of the thought put into them.

When, I decided to transition into a new career, I realized that I loved to give gifts and I loved things that were creative and unique. So, I opened an eco-conscious specialty boutique that features gifts, jewelry and wearable art that are Made in the USA and functional art made from recycled and repurposed materials. Each gift is artfully wrapped to make a great presentation.

In our fast paced, computer driven world, where people have little time to shop, I can work with you to find the perfect gift for friends, family or business associates. I will help you put some thought into each gift. Believe me, the recipient can tell when someone just thoughtlessly bought a gift because they had to. Make everyone feel special – give the gift that shows you cared.

So think of me as ecogal, your gift guru. I will save you time, effort and make you look good!

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Posted by Kathryn Longo on May 21, 2009. Continue Reading

Got gifts?

Don’t have time to shop? Don’t like to shop? Tired of running gift errands for your spouse or your boss? I gotta’ gift – my gift is knowing how to choose just the right gift and we have so many unique choices here at Eco Galleria. Give me a call, or stop by our showroom, or send me an email and I will help you to find just the right gift every time!

Posted by Kathryn Longo on May 14, 2009. Continue Reading